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March meeting:

IM Policies: What is Good Content?

Virtual meeting-Tuesday, March 12, 2024 – 1:00 – 2:30pm

Presented By: Lewis Eisen, CIP, SIPC, Perfect Policies

Drafting your policies shouldn’t be an agonizing experience. Too often simple questions can bog you down, taking time away from the more substantive IM issues you’re addressing. These are the structure and framework decisions such as:

“How do I know what’s a policy and what’s a procedure?”

“What’s the difference between a Policy and a Directive?”

“Which definitions should we include?”

“Do we have to list everyone’s roles and responsibilities?”

This session will answer questions that come up time and time again when drafting policy instruments, so that you’re confident that you have the right content included. Participants will have lots of opportunity to ask questions.

In this session, you will:

— explore ways to handle common policy drafting issues
— be exposed to some ideas for changes that make the end produce more effective
— be exposed to some ideas for changes that make the drafting process more efficient
— have an opportunity to raise questions on specific points that pose difficulties

Lewis Eisen, CIP SIPC is the developer of the Perfect Policies™ approach to using respectful language in policy drafting, which has been adopted in organizations around the world. His international bestseller Rules: How to Write Rules that People Want to Follow, will be coming out with its 4th edition this winter. Lewis draws on 40 years’ experience as a
practising lawyer, business consultant, and federal civil servant, and he is the winner of the ARMA International Britt Literary Award for 2020.

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